The HS-1 Mini

The Smallest, One-Piece MCT Available.

Accuracy and flexibility

The HS-1 Mini from HeartSmart is a patch-style remote cardiac monitor that offers three ways of collecting and presenting data

• Auto-trigger

• Patient trigger

• Heart rate trend

It is a patient monitor that can be operated as a Mobile Cardiac Telemetry unit or Event Monitor.

Lightweight, waterproof and wireless, the HS-1 Mini 2-Channel MCT device uses utilizes a proprietary cloud technology for high-clarity ECG recording that instantaneously and accurately uploads patient data, even in the most noisy or challenging environments. This provides 24/7/365 cardiac monitoring for faster data analyzation.

This provides an unparalleled level of flexibility, customization and accuracy.


The HS-1 Mini not only recognizes all life-threatening arrhythmias, but also immediately alerts appropriate clinicians and contacts rescue squad or patient if indicated. Additionally, it continuously monitors all on-board patients, answers patients’ phone calls for support, and when the monitoring is completed, creates end-of-session summary reports.

• Smallest available single component MCT

• No cables, wires or cell phone required

• Rechargeable 5-day battery

• Waterproof, lightweight & comfortable

• Quick 2-minute hookup process

The HS-1 Mini has many superior features including no cables, wires or cell phones needed for transmitting data, a rechargeable 5-day battery and flexible payment options, including a monthly subscription plan.


The ECG processing algorithms in HS-1 Mini remove up to 95% of noise from the patient’s ECG for superb clarity and unmatched heartbeat and arrhythmia detection.

Field tested and perfected with over 80,000 hours of real ECG processing, the HS-1 Mini from HeartSmart offers clarity and confidence in automatic identification of Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter, Brady, Tachy, PVC’s and cardiac pauses.

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