Extended Holter


Cardiac monitoring made simple.

Up to 14 days of high-quality continuous ECG recording & analysis.

CardioSTAT® is a compact, light, and comfortable ECG recorder designed for short and long-term continuous ECG. Thanks to its portable, water-proof design that seamlessly fits within the patient’s lifestyle, it allows for high-quality recordings from 3-14 day durations, helping you get deeper insights into your patient’s cardiac functioning.

Unlike other patch recorders, CardioSTAT® doesn’t use dry uncomfortable patch electrodes, prone to creating artifact and patient discomfort. Instead, we use best-in-class 3M™ electrolyte gel electrodes for optimal patient compliance due to replaceable electrodes. These expensive electrodes offer lower skin impedance and significantly better signal quality and recording, and as a result, a more diagnostic, comprehensive report.

To provide you with reliable, comprehensive and in-depth reports of cardiac functioning, we have developed the CardioSTAT ECG Analysis solution: a proprietary system based on the seamless fusion of Artificial Intelligence and human expertise. By leveraging the latest advances in AI-powered algorithms, our Certified Cardiac Technicians extract insights from the entirety of the ECG signal, allowing us to provide superior quality cardiac reports.

Because CardioSTAT® is the most advanced extended holter device on the market, medical staff and patients enjoy unique benefits that no other system has, such as:

• Our device is immediately ready to be applied, as it does not have to be charged before use.

• Our device comes ready to wear, unlike others that need to attach a sensor to the patch electrode.

• The easiest extended holter device to apply with a choice of two application sites, depending on the patient’s needs.

• Water resistant- patient can shower, exercise and sleep comfortably, without a 24-hour waiting period.

With Icentia access, you can manage patient care from a single centralized system, including:

• Registering a patient

• Following up on each test status (recording, in analysis, report ready).

• Accessing and download generated reports.

• Performing online interpretations.

A clear actionable report.

Our final report is presented in landscape orientation, thus showing larger diagnostics strips, with the clearest p-waves available.

Designed for all sizes of healthcare institutions.

CardioSTAT® was designed to provide reliable cardiac monitoring and flexible analysis aligned with the needs and reality of today’s healthcare institutions. We understand that smaller clinics might not have the budget or the same needs as a large-scale hospital and created CardioSTAT’s business model to seamlessly fit into your healthcare and patient needs. Our pay-per-use and per-patient pricing makes our solution for cardiac monitoring easy to scale up and down depending on your needs.

98.9% of patients preferred our device over standard holter systems.
99.5% AFib detection vs standard holter analysis.

The Cardiostat®
Application 1.

The Cardiostat®
Application 2.

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